Toyota EQ, Toyota Electric Car Technology

Toyota EQ, Toyota Electric Car Technology - At the end of 1890, an electric car with a gasoline car sales beat ratio of 10: 1. After the production of gasoline cars dominate the market in the 1910s, the electric car slowly faded charm. The main problem lies in the electric car battery saving capability incomplete electrical power to drive the electric motor. Finally, after the second world war electric cars become extinct from the realm of mass production. However, the dream to make an electric car is never extinct. Moreover, manufacturers have managed to produce lithium-ion batteries are more durable.
Toyota EQ, Toyota Electric Car Technology

For Toyota, a breakthrough in the field of battery technology is not enough to make them interested in mass-produced electric car. The distance cruising into the main calculation Toyota.

But that does not mean the dream of making electric cars Toyota stop there. They were invited to Japan to test Autocar electric car called the Toyota in eq. Unlike the current Nissan Motor Company launched Nissan Leaf (type cruiser / cruising), Toyota EQ reserved only for mobility in the city. That's why Toyota EQ made ​​of base Toyota iQ. As for distance cruising farther given the car a hybrid or plug-in hybrid.

Based iQ (kei car with four seats), the differences appear all over its exterior. There does not appear again typical lattice grille iQ. This is due to the absence of a radiator or an internal combustion engine that requires air flow. In addition, the absence of air holes aimed to attenuate wind resistance so as not to overload the electric motor Toyota iQ is only a capacity of 12 kWh.

Penetrated into the cabin. Toyota EQ looks like the Toyota iQ. Two semi-bucket leather seats seemed available for the front passenger. The second row seat looks small so it is not suitable for adults. Dashboard still having a certain equal to the iQ, the real difference is in the instrument panel. There is no tachometer because it no longer uses a gasoline engine. Looks speedometer with a maximum rate of 140 km / h, battery indicator, maximum mileage, temperature information, and the transmission position. In his left hand information on the conditions of electric motors and batteries.

Yes, thumping torque of 163 Nm can be harvested at 0 rpm is quite surprising, although the strength is only 47 kW. Acceleration 0-100 km / h can be achieved within 14 seconds. Can not be said to be bad for a city car. Toyota EQ will keep going without stopping until it reaches a top speed of 125 km / h.

Dimension 3,115 x 1,680 x 1,535 mm (LxWxH), Toyota EQ so agile maneuvering. Steering response is also good. No different flavors with the Toyota iQ which we have tested 2009 ago. If we compare with the Nissan Leaf, the iQ feels more agile in corners.

Unfortunately, still like other electric cars, the problem of battery life remains a scourge. Imagine, you have to be willing to wait the charging batteries for 3 hours until he could be reused. Or 15 minutes if using rapid charging (80% capacity). - Toyota EQ, Toyota Electric Car Technology

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