The Disadvantages of Electric Cars

The Disadvantages of Electric Cars - The electric car is a vehicle that has now become part of the history of the vehicle in the world. After the previous article I wrote about the advantages of electric car, now I will write some disadvantages of electric cars. Every no advantage there must be a loss. That is the loss of a great case why the electric car is still rarely used though many people in the world. Therefore, the following is a disadvantage the electric car:
The Disadvantages of Electric Cars

- Electric car battery prices are still high, more than $ 10000 Batteries are expensive is still the main reason behind the high price of an electric car as a whole.

- The fact that the electric car do not sound when life is not always an advantage because of the quietness of the sound of a car can pose a danger to blind, elderly and children.

- Type of electric cars is still limited and also recharge is significantly longer than the relatively fast process on refueling the tank to the traditional car.

- There is also the problem of heating. Electric cars are used in colder climates require a lot of energy to heat the interior and defrost the windows. On vehicles that use the fuel, the combustion process has been transferring heat from the engine, while the electric car heater requires extra energy from the car battery.

That is some reason for the loss the electric car. Nevertheless, it is clear that the advantages of electric cars over many disadvantages compared to the electric car, if in associate with everyday life. - The Disadvantages of Electric Cars

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