Electric Sports Car : Tesla Model S a Sedan with the Electric Drive

Electric Sports Car : Tesla Model S a Sedan with the Electric Drive - The Tesla Model S is a sedan with the electric drive of Tesla Motors, which was presented as a prototype on 26 March 2009 and will be delivered to customers since June 22, 2012.
Electric Sports Car : Tesla Model S a Sedan with the Electric Drive

The Tesla Model S is the first realization of the concept of a 5 + 2-seater car electric cars suitable for rail of the upper class. The work on the draft were announced in June 2008, initially under the project name "White Star". The vehicle was first presented an already wheeled prototype. Tesla has for the first time developed the chassis and the body in this model completely even.

The Model S has received several awards, including the output from an international jury of trade journalists price for the car of the year.

Similar to that produced in small series Tesla Roadster is based storage system of the Model S to cells in the form of ordinary lithium-ion batteries for laptops optimized for electric cars cell chemistry. Though were more than 8000 (instead of the Tesla Roadster 6831) used cells to a to enable higher storage capacity. There are two battery capacity with the ranges of 390 km (60 kWh) and 502 km (85 kWh). The originally planned 40-kWh version is not produced due to lack of demand. Customers who ordered this version, get a battery with 60 kWh, which is limited by software to 40 kWh. All other properties of the larger system, such as better acceleration, are retained.

In order to charge the Tesla Model S has a built-in 10-kW-loader, which loads per hour energy for a range of up to 50 km. Optional is a dual charger with 20 kW avaliable. In the car-side connector is the charging cable, as "Mobile Connector" means, inserted. Pluggable adapters are supplied as standard or available as an option, so that a charge on almost all current connections is possible for the charging cable.

The Tesla Model S can (230 V / 16 A) are charged on both normal sockets and plugs into the blue Camping standard single phase. For charging with 400-V three-phase AC adapter for the usual red terminal connectors according to IEC 60309 is supplied with 11 kW as standard. A Type 2 charging connector for a wall-charger or charging station is optional. Only with this can the 20 kW charging power of the twin supercharger use. Tesla Model S on a Tesla Supercharger power station.

The accumulators can at operated by Tesla 90-kW "Super Charger" - be fully charged Charging Stations in 20 minutes to half in 40 minutes and 80% in 75 minutes. The loading capacity of the power stations is currently being increased to 135 kW, which further shortens the loading time. According to the company Tesla is working on a charging system with a loading time of 5 to 10 minutes. When loading the "Supercharger" is a cable fixed to the charging station, bypassing the internal charger traction battery directly with DC loaded. the charging  Tesla super chargers is free for the Model S with Supercharger option is enabled. Since the batteries are located under the floor of the vehicle, they can be exchanged in a simple process in 90 seconds.

The operation of some functions onboard the vehicle via an edge built into the center console 17-inch touchscreen display. For a device of this size will be integrated into a production vehicle in the Model S for the first time. The chart is calculated by a nVidia Tegra 2. A wireless Internet access is part of the Ubuntu-based system. Benefits incurred by the driver in that it displayed the user interface is upgradable, expandable and customizable. For example, an additional driving mode for a creeper was subsequently integrated to customer via app. - Electric Sports Car : Tesla Model S a Sedan with the Electric Drive

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