Formula E: Electric Car Race which Awaited & Doubtful

Formula E: Electric Car Race which Awaited & Doubtful- Formula E racing event will be held in Beijing, September 2014 Many people prepared to support, ranging from actor Leonardo DiCaprio to multinational telecommunications company, Qualcomm. However, not a few dubious. One of them is Bernie Ecclestone, owner of Formula 1 racing.
Formula E: Electric Car Race which Awaited & doubtful

The news that London will host the first Formula E in September 2014, apparently failed. Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) has decided: Beijing was the one who was lucky!

As the originator of the Formula E championship, neither the special racing car electric power, ensuring the FIA​​, the race goal to increase the popularity of electric cars to the front of the community. And, as a pioneer, Beijing is considered the most adequate. Of course, after that, as the original plan, the same event will be held also in nine other cities, including London.

A total of ten teams, each consisting of two people, will be racing at the circuit for one hour while accelerate the vehicle up to 220 km / h. However, because the battery technology is not "qualified", the driver will have to move to a backup car after 25 minutes or half race.

Although generally not impressed, but the organizers of Formula E, Alejandro Agag, insisting, "This is real racing, not a parade or demonstration of an electric car."

After all, Gaga admitted, "Formula E will not be able to match Formula 1 and IndyCar, especially in performance. However, the race will help the marketing of electric cars, while eliminating image that electric cars have unlimited mileage. "

Indeed, during this time many people doubt the reliability of the electric car because it takes a long time and can not be instant. In fact, an automotive analyst who believes Formula E will be able to help improve public perception, still believes, "There should be other developments if this technology want made ​​public."

Instead of doubt, however, in reality, the automotive industry's enthusiasm to Formula E never subsided. Several car manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz in Germany, even has been producing battery-powered cars.

Support sponsors were, whether individual or corporate, ready poured. Start of actor Leonardo DiCaprio, until Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Group.

Alejandro Agag himself, along with his fellow businessman from Spain, Enrique Banuelos, has invested $ 100 million to launch the Formula E. Agag, who lives in London, has a team in the GP2 race, while Banuelos is a property millionaire.

In addition, Wye Grousbeck, owner of the Boston Celtics basketball team, also expressed interest. Through the financing company he founded with his colleagues, Grousbeck inject $ 20 million.

Previous Qualcomm, a multinational telecommunications company, had already become a sponsor for the next five years. They, reportedly, will provide wireless charging technology for racing teams, as well as an electric vehicle that is used when the audience came to watch Formula E.

Finally, the company Renault SA and Michelin tires also ready to support if Formula E appearing in Los Angeles, London, and Miami. From the publication was, according to Agag, no problem.

"Formula E has signed a contract with Fox telecast States and more than 80 countries. In time we will announce the names of the other investors who have already joined. Much interested, and we thought it was not," he said, in an interview with Reuters .

Even if there is a little "problem", it's because Bernie Ecclestone, owner of Formula 1, has not yet willing to support the existence of Formula E. Alleged Agag, "He's not too interested in Formula E. He was not convinced by the concept of Formula E." - Formula E: Electric Car Race which Awaited & doubtful

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