The Fast Electric Car of Nemesis

The Fast Electric Car of Nemesis- Although there were not Top 5 Fastest Electric Car in 2014, but this battery-powered sedan has broken the record for fastest electric vehicle in the United Kingdom in 2012. Cars named Nemesis was able to reach 239 km / h. Therefore it is also worthy nemesis in becoming one of the cars has The Fast Electric Cars in the World . Nemesis car is a modified version of the Lotus Exige purchased from an online auction site eBay.

This electric car was designed and developed by a team of technicians from the United Kingdom and driven by Nick Ponting, a marketing employee property.

Nemesis tested with an average speed of 148.419 miles / hour or about 238.8 km / h. Nemesis Power comes from Ecotricity wind turbine production. Old record held by Don speed electric cars that raced Wales up to 220 km / h. - The Fast Electric Car of Nemesis

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