The Lightning GT Supercar

The Lightning GT Supercar - The Lightning GT is a British automotive design in the shape of a GT sports car that is powered by electricity and originally deliverable with four each of about 120 kW (163 hp) wheel motors was designed later with a DC synchronous twin motor drivetrain.
The Lightning GT Supercar

The traction motors are powered by a lithium-titanate battery, depending on the load option used according to manufacturer's instructions in each 15 hours, two and a half hours (onboard charger) or ten to twenty minutes (Fast charge) can be recharged again.

Lightning GT is an exotic electric car last entry in the most expensive in the world. Present in the amount of only 50 units worldwide, the supercar can be obtained with a spend of USD 300 thousand.

Can go up to speeds of 130 mph, the Lightning GT has also become one of the fastest electric car ever produced on earth. - The Lightning GT Supercar

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