SSC Ultimate Aero EV Electric Car

SSC Ultimate Aero EV Electric Car - The greatness of Shelby Super Car Aero EV is the energy produced from the two twin electric motors to 1,000 PS. Acceleration 0-96 km / h in just 2.5 seconds. Top speed of 330 km / h.
SSC Ultimate Aero EV Electric Car

That's only part of the results achieved with the SSC automotive technology revolution. The company calls its electric car project with the All-Electric Scalable Powertrain (AESP). But certainly, as a beacon of SSC, the electric car is mounted on the body of the SSC Ultimate Aero. Car latter officially holds the record as the fastest car in the world and marketed to a limited circle.

For the SSC, as a sign of care for the environment; subsequently prove to the public that electric powered cars is not just environmentally friendly frills, is also able to outperform a car that uses a motor fuel propulsion source. Proof of his prowess, the torque can be produced 100 percent at 0 rpm.

The resulting torque electric car as the driving  Aero EV, according to Shelby, reaching 110.6 kgfm.

Fill 10 minutes

Another greatness of the SSC will be demonstrated that the electric car is working intension battery recharging system. To charge the lithium-ion battery only takes 10 minutes. And once the content, the battery can be used for a distance of 240-320 km. Not much different from a conventional car should refill the fuel. This fast charging system called SSC with Charge on the Run and a patent from the SSC.

For this, the SSC Aero EV is equipped with a 3-speed automatic transmission that transfers power to the wheels. Speed ​​change gear lasts 0.24 seconds. Furthermore, for the motor can work longer with top performance, AESP is equipped with a cooling fluid such as motor fuel.

SSC Green Division will also make AESP packaging solutions for a variety of applications, ranging from 200 PS to a car that prioritizes economic value, car-skilled and electric motor; 500 PS for light trucks and SUVs; and 1200 ps for large trucks, buses, and military vehicles. - SSC Ultimate Aero EV Electric Car

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