Added Peroxide , New Potions Electric Car Batteries

Added Peroxide, New Potions Electric Car Batteries - While many automotive manufacturers are looking for ways to conserve energy usage and begin to introduce the electric car, battery material issue is still a big problem, as I explained in the article disadvantages of electric cars. Because unlimited mileage and also the length of time to recharge the batteries sometimes be a problem in itself.
Added Peroxide Substances , New Potions Electric Car Batteries

Nikkei Technology as Industry Analyst and Technology of Japan, began to advance the new technology that made ​​their application. That adds Peroxide on herb-type Li-ion battery.

Although still in the stage of intensive development, but the addition of peroxide is claimed to make the battery more durable 7 times better, even when a refill.

The way it works is quite simple. Of exposure to a given company, the function Peroxide substance is added to the battery material, can reduce the oxidation process. Claimed to be even better than Li-ion batteries.

Battery development team headed by Noritaka Mizuno said that the capacity of the energy density that can be accommodated is still below the density of Li-ion battery the latest type. But the power delivery is more stable and secure.

Likewise, when doing power charging, will not create a new compound that could be detrimental to the battery. The development team itself has not made a direct test on any type of car, but based on laboratory tests, the results are quite convincing. -Added Peroxide, New Potions Electric Car Batteries

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