Rimac Concept 1 Supercar

Rimac Concept 1 Supercar - Rimac Concept 1 is one supercar that carries an electric engine made ​​by the manufacturer from Croatia, Rimac Automobili.
Rimac Concept 1 Supercar

Cars Race Director of the vehicle in racing Formula E is present in the market in 2014 with a limited number, precisely produced as many as 88 units. Speaking of price, Rimac Concept 1 is present in the market at a price of USD 980 thousand and became the most expensive car in the world's 3rd

For the engine, Rimac Concept 1 Electric Car has been carrying machine clean-line design that is capable of spewing power up to 1088 horsepower. With the machine, this electric-powered supercar can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds.

Rimac Concept 1 that carries a 92 kWh battery powered walk as far as 595 miles with just one battery charge alone. - Rimac Concept 1 Supercar

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