Top 7 The Advantages of Electric Cars for Us

Top 7 The Advantages of Electric Cars for Us - Electric cars have several advantages over traditional fueled cars. The most obvious and most often discussed is a 100 percent electric car have free emission. This means that unlike other conventional fueled cars, electric cars do not contribute to climate change impacts.
Top 7 The Advantages of Electric Cars for Us

The following are the advantages of electric cars that we can feel in our daily lives:

- The electric car is much more energy efficient than conventional fuel cars. The overall efficiency of the electric car is 48 percent, significantly better than conventional fuel cars that achieve an efficiency of about 25%.

- Unlike traditional car, electric car engine is very smooth so they do not cause noise pollution problems.

- Electric cars also ensure maximum security because it does not involve fuel oil so they will not catch fire or explode if hit something.

- Electric cars are also very comfortable to use.

- The cost of the rechargeable electric car is also very affordable. Average electric car will cost rechargeable 2 cents per mile compared to 12 cents per mile on conventional fuel vehicles.

- The lifetime of an electric car motors is estimated at about 90 years, when driving fifty miles per day.

- Electric cars also have maintenance costs are significantly lower than conventional fuel cars because electric cars only have about 5 parts in the motor, compared with traditional cars that have hundreds of components in internal combustion engines.

Although the electric car has advantages and profits, but electric cars have a weakness or disadvantages, for disadvantages of electric cars, will be discussed in the next article :). - Top 7 The Advantages of Electric Cars for Us

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