Top 5 Fastest Electric Car in 2014

Top 5 Fastest Electric Car in 2014 - Four wheel drive industry's trend began to steer the electric-powered cars. most of the people believe that electric cars don't have to be compelled to be a challenge during a savage performance automotive makers.

A number of innovations were hatched, makers began to push the acceleration of a automotive that doesn't drink gasolene was, failed to escape potency is additionally enclosed within the count.

Top 5 Fastest Electric Car in 2014

This is top five The fastest electric car in 2014 :

5. Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster could be a Battery electric Vehicle (BEV), that is created by the notable electric car company Tesla Motors in California, USA from 2008 to 2012 This automotive is claimed to penetrate the speed of one hundred kilometre / h in only 3.9 seconds

4. Chevrolet S-10

One of the opposite fastest cars area unit the Chevrolet S-10. S-10 is formed by Chevrolet and was introduced in 1997, updated in 1998, so the project is stopped.

3. Datsun 1200 1972

An previous Datsun thus fastest electric car? Why not? Appearances will be deceiving, however this car is extremely notable within the net below the name 'White Zombie electric Cars' united of the fastest electric car. Full-custom race car is capable of spewing up to 250 HP at the rear wheels with a distance of 0-100 kilometre / h will be reached in only 3.2 seconds.

2. MiEV Mitsubishi Evolution II

The car is delineated  as a 'prototype sport engine'. Evo MiEV II is that the development of its forerunner, the i-MiEV Evolution. This car adopts a hollow frame chassis and carbon fiber mechanics body to provide extra downforce. Evolution MiEV II has four electric motors that turn out a combined output most power of 569 bhp.

1. Nissan ZEOD RC

And Nissan ZEOD RC could be a champion as fastest electric car in the world. Inaugurated this year at 24 Hour endurance race of le Mans in France, ZEOD RC is an electric race car supported the Nissan DeltaWing project.

Nissan says that this can be the primary time an electric battery technology is employed in endurance sport cars, and ZEOD RC electric race car is that the fastest electric car in the world these days with a speed of 300 kilometre / h. - Top 5 Fastest Electric Car in 2014

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