The Fast Electric Cars in the World

The Fast Electric Cars in the World - Trends in environmentally friendly cars increasingly stretched. No longer a gas-fueled cars or bio ethanol alone who enliven the automotive world, this time stretching the electric cars are increasingly in demand, although actually there are still many who still doubt the reliability of this electric car.
The fast Electric Cars in the World

However, I can no longer trust is, electric cars will become public consumption. Whether in a matter of years or decades, the electric car will definitely be a car of the future for life on this earth.

In addition, the electric car was developed in developed countries, because I was the Indonesian people, I would be very proud if Indonesia also contribute in the development of electric cars. And true, even Indonesia have followed that trend through the thoughts of former Indonesian minister of state enterprises, Mr.. Dahlan Iskan to create their own national car is electric powered. Continues, how electricity is made in Indonesia car's performance? I will examine and review it for my next articles :)

Previously, I have made an article about the 5 fastest electric car in 2014, however, there are still many of the fastest electric cars I have identified. Although not the fastest, but these electric cars have a speed that is almost equal 5 fastest electric car in the world.

Here are the fast electric cars in the world:
- Tesla Model S
- Nemesis
- Nissan LEAF
- Toyota eQ 
- Eliica EV
- Rimac Consept One
- Shelby SuperCar Aero EV
- Ferrari Listrik ( Indonesia ) or Ferari Electric ( English)

That's some fast electric car has a top speed on average. For an explanation of each of the electric car I described in my next article :) - The fast Electric Cars in the World

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